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Most forms should be submitted through the local chair. Please contact your local association for more information.

Please read instructions on forms carefully. More information is generally available in the corresponding section of the TMTA Handbook.


Advertising/Exhibitor/Mailing List Order Form

Association Forms

Association Donation Form
Best of State
Local Association Report
Student Affiliate Activities Credit Card Payment Form (Available Oct. 1 for the new fiscal year)
Student Affiliate Enrollment Payment Form

Awards for Students (SA)

Ensemble Awards
Senior Participation Award
Senior Theory Awards
Senior World of Music Awards
Whitlock Senior Award

Awards for Teachers

Teacher Enrichment Grant
Teacher Recognition Nomination Form

Texas Teaching Fellow and Texas Distinguished Teacher Awards

Collegiate Forms

Collegiate Award
Collegiate Conference Proposal
Travel Grant for Collegiate Chapter Presidents

Commissioned Composer

Commission Information and Application


Convention Evaluation Survey
Convention Session Proposal Form
Convention Presenter Acceptance Form
Convention Sponsorship
Exhibitor Brochure [pdf]
TMTA Exhibitor Policies 2014[pdf]
Advertising/Exhibitor/Mailing List Order Form

Convention Student Activities

All-Star Festival Entry Form
Chamber Music Clinic Entry Form
Convention Projects Entry Form
Convention Student Activities Payment Form
Convention Student Page Volunteer Form
Digital Keyboard Orchestra Entry Form
June Leondar Chamber Music/Ensemble Music Contest Entry Form


Association Donation Form
Convention Sponsorship
Individual Donation Form


Director Candidate Suggestion Form
President-Elect Candidate Suggestion Form
VPBA Candidate Suggestion Form
VPSA Candidate Suggestion Form

Enrichment Conference

Teacher Enrichment Conference Registration

Ensemble (SA)

Ensemble Awards
Ensemble Local Association Coversheet
Ensemble Registration [Excel]
Ensemble Theory Verification Form
Ensemble Volunteer Form
Ensemble Texas/American Repertoire Approval Form
Ensemble High School/Young Artist Repertoire Approval Form


Exhibitor Brochure [pdf]
TMTA Exhibitor Rules and Regulations[pdf]
Advertising/Exhibitor/Mailing List Order Form


Expense Form

Original Composition (SA)

Original Composition Local Association Coversheet

Performance (SA)

For All Contests
Preliminary Worksheet [pdf]
Critique Sheet [pdf]
Performance Student Guidelines [pdf]
Performance Timekeeper Guidelines [pdf]
Performance Judge's Guidelines for Local Contest [pdf]

Local Contest Forms
Performance Local Association Information
Performance Local Association Checklist
Performance Contest Local Entry Form (For local use only, not required by state)

Regional Contest Forms
Performance Contest Regionals Entry Form
Performance Contest Regionals Local Association Coversheet
Performance Contest Monitor Fee Payment Form

Semi-Finals Contest Forms
Performance Contest Semi-Finals Entry Form
Performance Contest Semi Finals Local Association Coversheet
Performance Contest Monitor Fee Payment Form

Convention Performance Contest Schedule 2015

Publication (SA)

Publication Contest Topics
Publication Contest Tips
Publication Contest Entry Form
Publication Contest Local Association Coversheet

Student Affiliate Activities

Student Affiliate Activities Credit Card Payment Form

Student Affiliate Enrollment

Student Affiliate Enrollment Payment Form

Student Materials

Student Affiliate Materials Order Form

Theory (SA)

Theory Forms for Local Chairs
Testing Guidelines for Local Theory Chairs
Grading Guidelines

Theory Cover Sheet Test Aid with Circle [pdf]
Theory Cover Sheet Test Aid with 2 Circles [pdf]
Theory Cover Sheet Test Aid: Legal [pdf]
Theory Cover Sheet Test Aid: Legal, full staff [pdf]

Theory Test Date Form
Theory Test Order Form
Theory Grading Payment Form
Theory Medal Order Form (to be used through June 15)
Theory Medal Replacement Order Form (to be used after June 15 or for previous years' medal replacements)
Theory Senior Awards
Theory Division Certificate [pdf]
Theory Whitlock Certificate (Large)[pdf]
Theory Whitlock Certificate (Small)[pdf]

Theory Forms for Teachers
Theory Testing Guidelines for Teachers

Video Essay Contest (SA)

Video Essay Contest Local Association Coversheet
Video Essay Contest Entry Form


Volunteer Form

World of Music (SA)

Senior World of Music Awards
World Of Music Certificate [pdf]
World Of Music Division Certificate [pdf]
World Of Music Medal Order Form
World Of Music Test Date Form
World Of Music Test Order Form
World of Music Grading Payment Form

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