Student Affiliate Activities

TMTA Student Affiliate is an organization of students of TMTA teachers. TMTA-SA provides an integrated curriculum including performance and composition competitions, ensemble participation, testing in music theory, development of skills in music composition, study of music history both through reading/testing and research, and a chance to provide community service. Students who participate in TMTA-SA activities earn points that contribute toward significant awards.

Further information on any activity is available in the handbook. Entry forms for all these activities may be found on the Forms page.


Whitlock Memorial Senior Award: Named for Dr. E. Clyde Whitlock, this award is given any eligible senior who has accumulated at least 200 points during their high school study. The first place winner receives an engraved plaque and $300 plus $1 per point earned. The second place winner receives $200 plus $1 per point. The third place winner receives $100 plus 75 per point.

Collegiate Award:  A $2,000 award is available for an undergraduate collegiate Student Affiliate member.  See the Member Handbook for further information.

Student Affiliate State Participation Award: This award is based upon the number of points earned through participating in SA activities during grades 1-12. A minimum of 20 points is required for eligibility. The first place award is $450 and a plaque. Second place is awarded $350 and third place is awarded $250. A $100 award will be given any student who achieves 20 points.

Convention Ensemble Programs

Student affiliate members who have passed the appropriate state theory test may participate in one of the convention ensemble programs (this requirement not applicable to collegiate members). Local associations are responsible for organizing their groups. Ensembles are often composed of duet teams playing on ten or more pianos, although other instruments are sometimes used. Ensembles often appear in costume. Groups may perform either with or without a conductor. All ensemble members must perform by memory.

Original Composition Contests

Student composers are encouraged to enter solo or ensemble compositions. Entrants must have passed the appropriate state graded theory test. Compositions may be entered in any of the ten divisions, which are based on school grade. Cash awards are given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners at the Original Composition Recital at the state convention. Winners are encouraged to enter their composition in the MTNA Composition Contest. Local deadlines may vary.

Performance Contests

With the exception of collegiate contestants, participants in the performance contests must have passed the appropriate state theory test. Contest categories include orchestral instruments and classical guitar (solo and concerto), organ solo, piano (solo and concerto), and vocal solo. All categories include divisions for grades 9-10, 11-12 and collegiate. Orchestral instruments and piano include grades 7-8 as well. Participants compete at the local level and the winners then compete at the regional level. Students are selected at the regional level to participate in semi-finals which are held each year at the June TMTA Convention.

Publication Contest and Video Contest

The publication contest is designed to promote excellence in music research and publications. Participants may be in grades 1 -12 or be enrolled in college. Topics are listed here and are included in the Student Affiliate Handbook. The Video Contest was created to encourage students to express their enthusiasm for music through the means of media.  A specific topic is given and students design a video based on the given topic.  The categories for the Video Contest are grades 4-8 and grades 9-12.  Winners in both publication and video contests receive cash awards and the winning videos are posted online.

Theory Program

The theory program is designed for music students in grades 1-12. Students must be current Student Affiliate members. Tests are administered by local associations in a formal classroom atmosphere. Students who make a score of 90 or higher will receive a medal. Additional awards given to graduating high school seniors include the Mansfield Gold Medal Theory Award for students who have earned medals every year in grades 4-12; the Loving Gold Medal Theory Award for students who earned twelve gold medals; the Glenda Lanier Theory Award for students who earned gold medals in grades 9-12; a Twelve-Year Award for seniors who earned medals every year for twelve years; a Twelve-Year Participation Certificate for passing twelve grade levels; and a Six-Year Award for medalists in the Instrumental or Vocal tests.

World of Music

The World of Music is designed to teach music history. There is no theory requirement. Tests for grades 1-3 are based on The World of Music by Carolyn Jones Campbell (copyright 2008 by Texas Music Teachers Association.) Tests for grades 4-12 are based on The World of Music, A Music History Syllabus, by Elinor L. Duff (copyright 1979, 1980 and 1981, by Texas Music Teachers Association.) Study materials are available from the TMTA office. Students scoring 90 or above are awarded medals. Additional awards are given to students who have earned medals from grades 4-12 (Janet McGaughey World of Music Award) or who have earned medals every year (Carolyn Jones Campbell World of Music Award). A twelve-year participation certificate is also available.

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