December 1, 2020 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 12/04/2020

President's Note

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving – even if scaled back this year. We need to keep watching out for each other and doing the common sense things that are relatively simple, easy, and yet make a huge difference in the control of this virus. I know you will come through and we will be in better shape for the new year.
This newsletter ended up longer than I expected so you can just read the articles. There’s lots of news, plus winners in our TMTA/MTNA performance competitions! And please consider donating to the MTNA Fellow Awards. We need your help to offer these to our members. 
Be Safe, Be Healthy, and Be In Tune with TMTA.
Dr. Roy Wylie, NCTM
TMTA President

World of Music Testing Guidelines

Kimberly Deisher, WOM Coordinator

With continuing concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, World of Music testing will be following procedures similar to theory testing. All WOM chairs should have received an email with instructions about these testing procedures. Our main goal is to ensure that all students are given an opportunity to participate in a safe and healthy environment. If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or the TMTA Office. Thank you so much for your willingness to be flexible and help our students achieve success!

Regional Performance Contest Guidelines

Joanna Reeder, Performance Coordinator

TMTA has decided it is in the best interest of contestants from across the state to hold the regional rounds of the 2021 SA Performance Contest virtually. Therefore, video recordings along with music scores will be submitted in lieu of a live performance for all regions. The pandemic continues to make planning for events difficult and this mode will ensure all contestants are given the same opportunity to compete. More details can be found here.

CMTNA Collegiate Chapters Symposium

The 10th MTNA Collegiate Chapters Symposium will be virtual, January 16–17, 2021. This meeting of collegiate chapters and their advisors has been instrumental in building bridges of research and communication across the country. This annual conference is sponsored by MTNA, and it combines the quality of the lectures of the national conferences but in a much smaller and intimate environment. Lectures are given by both collegiate faculty and graduate students.
Although focused around MTNA Collegiate Chapters, the weekend is open to anyone and everyone. We anticipate a wonderful weekend, and we hope to see you there!

Pre-Collegiate Activities page on TMTA.ORG

Did you know there is a page on our website that lists activities that might be of interest to your students? If not, NOW YOU DO! Go to the Pre-Collegiate Opportunities under the Student Activities menu to find events from around the state which might be of interest to your students. More are added all the time, so check back frequently to see what the latest activities are!



Dr. Roy Wylie, TMTA President

I was so enthralled with the article Becky Ward sent in about her pandemic activities, that I forgot to add her picture to the newsletter. Here it is so you can put a face with all that wonderful teaching ability and creativity. So sorry, Becky.

MTNA 2021 Fellows

This year we are honoring Fredrica Phillips and Dr. Courtney Crappell, NCTM, as our MTNA Fellows from Texas. Please show your appreciation for all their work for TMTA and their care in their students’ development. Any contribution to the MTNA Fellow Fund will be most greatly appreciated. Let’s get behind this now! (and you will get a nice tax deduction this year too!) Thanks so much for considering this. Click here to be taken to the Donation Page – and don’t forget to indicate the name(s) of the recipient on the form.


Meet Your Board! Dorothy Yan,
MTNA/TMTA Activities Director III

I am honored to serve the TMTA membership as Director III on the TMTA Executive Board. I grew up going to TMTA events as a student through high school and college. Now as a teacher, this organization has played a large role in shaping what I get to do every day with my students. I love that I can share the same opportunities with them as well and also serve in this leadership capacity. I also get the opportunity to work with our wonderful chairs, Michael Clark (MTNA/TMTA Performance Competitions) and Mike Springer (MTNA/TMTA Composition Competition) as they find creative solutions and adapt to still provide such high caliber opportunities for our students. Every year Texas has representation at the national level and much of that is in thanks to you…the teachers. Thank you for still persevering and investing in students, your colleagues and communities. Here’s to many more music-making memories!



Young Artist Division
Winner: Cody Hutchison, euphonium, student of Kevin Waas
Alternate: Chase Windmueller, euphonium, student of Kent Eshelman
Junior Division
Winner: David Choi, student of Alex and Marcy McDonald
Alternate: Chanya Methaprayoon, student of John Weems
Honorable Mention: Andrew Guan, student of John Weems
Senior Division
Winner: Shiv Yajnik, student of Alex and Marcy McDonald
Alternate: Regina Lin, student of Alex McDonald
Honorable Mention: Antonio Ajero, student of Andrew and Linda Parr
Honorable Mention: Bryant Li, student of John Weems
Senior Duet Division
Winner: William Fan and Andrew Sun, students of Matthew Loudermilk
Alternate: Pranay and Vrinda Varada, students of Alex McDonald
Young Artist Division
Winner: Quanzhou Yan, student of Tamas Ungar, TCU
Alternate: Steven Dong, student of Alan Chow, Eastman
Honorable Mention: Xiaoyu Guo, student of Tamas Ungar, TCU
Junior Division
Winner: Hannah Jeong, cello, student of Brinton Smith
Alternate: Mary Brook Hartmann, cello, student of Wendy Smith-Butler
Honorable Mention: Jaden Ouyang, student of Joseph Kuipers
Senior Division
Winner: Daniel Bae, violin, student of Robert Lipsett
Alternate: Kaeon Cho, violin, student of Ronald Houston
Young Artist Division
Winner: Havuka Lund, violin, student of Rossitza Goza, West Texas A&M
Alternate: Josh Liu, violin, student of Brian Lewis, UT Austin
Senior Division
Winner: Elizabeth Moss, student of George Variames
Alternate: Naomi Chad, student of Mary Loy
Young Artist Division
Winner: David Estrada, student of Robert Best, Baylor
Alternate: Abigail Orr, student of Heather Orr, New England Conservatory
Junior Division
Winner: Reina Shim, flute, student of Monica Song
Alternate: Aayan Patel, saxophone, student of Mark Smith
Senior Division
Winner: GianCarlo Lay, saxophone, student of Mark Smith
Alternate: Austin Shilling, saxophone, student of Eric Nestler
Honorable Mention: Emily Park, flute, student of Monica Song
Young Artist Division
Winner: Arin Sarkissian, flute, student of Christina Yoo, Rice
Alternate: Thomas Kurtz, saxophone, student of Stephen Page, UT Austin