December 15, 2020 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 12/15/2020

President's Note

How did your fall teaching go? Many of you have been able to make it through by a creative combination of live and online teaching! I trust this is becoming easier for you, and rewarding as well. It certainly is different than other fall teaching periods. But I think we all have learned a great deal to help us with our teaching in the future.
As all the concerns of society boil around us, I hope you can take some time this holiday season to reflect on what is most important to you. Is it your family? Your students? Your friends? Your religious beliefs? It probably is a combination of all of these, but in a little different ratio for each of us. In this period of trials and uncertainties, it is important that we take time to reflect on these things, and make sure that we value all of the important aspects of our lives – not just the fleeting seasonal “activities.”
We have seen great strides towards the end of our current public health crisis – but have much to do before we make it through this dark tunnel. I hope during this season of hope and joy, you will think carefully about your actions, and how they affect those around you. With continued efforts in well-known safety procedures for the near term, we can help control this situation, which we have let get out of hand. Please do your part to protect yourself and those around you. We CAN do this, but we can only do it together.
Have a wonderful holiday season, and check below for a delightful video that I hope will lift your spirits a little (it did mine!).
Be Safe, Be Healthy, and Be In Tune with TMTA.
Dr. Roy Wylie, NCTM
TMTA President


TMT Articles due to President and VPSA - January 5
MTNA Fellow donations for Courtney Crappell, NCTM and Fredrica Phillips - January 20

MTNA South Central Composition Competition 2021 • RESULTS 

Scott Carrell, South Central Division Composition Coordinator
Music Teachers National Association is pleased to announce the results of the composition competition for South Central Division.
Representative: Connie Zhao, Student of Felicity Mazur-Park, Fort Worth MTA/Irving MTA, TX
Winner: Carter Jackson, Student of Caroline Ahn, LA
Honorable mention: Yunxi He, Student of Liang Liang, Austin District MTA, TX
Winner: Faith Choi, Student of Wonkyung Kang, Carrollton MTA, TX
Honorable mention: Micah Primack, Student of Theo Chandler, AR
Young Artist:
Representative: Chung Hon Cheng, Student of Ann Witherspoon, Houston MTA, TX
This year, the South Central Division judges were:
David Broome
Charles Halka
Philip Schuessler

Please remember TMTA and MTNA in your year-end contributions.

Many of us take time at year’s end to contribute to organizations that we find deserving. I hope that you consider TMTA among of these – providing support in your teaching and activities for your students. Please consider helping us with your donation, no matter the size. We are still collecting funds for the two Foundation Fellows, honoring Fredrica Phillips and Courtney Crappell. TMTA is most appreciative of any contribution you might be able to afford.

Click on the picture below for a wonderful holiday treat!