July 1, 2020 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 07/01/2020

President's Message

Hello to All from your newly installed, still wet-behind-the-ears TMTA President. What a tremendous honor and privilege it is that you have given me, and one I will work to fulfill to the best of my abilities.
Little did I realize when I proposed the theme of the last two conventions “Expand Your Horizons…Into the Future with TMTA,” just exactly how much our horizons would be expanded and all the challenges that we would have, and will have to face. I have to say that I have been so impressed by the way in which our TMTA teachers stepped up to the plate (from a safe distance, of course) and started using technology in their studios in ways they perhaps never thought they would. Kudos to all of you for doing this at the drop of a hat. You sure know how to make lemonade!!!
I look forward to getting to know each of you better throughout my two years as President and learning of all the tremendous things you do in your studios to train the musicians of the future. If we dont do it, who will? And the world needs music – to soothe, to comfort, and to inspire us to be better world citizens.
Dr. Roy Wylie, NCTM
TMTA President


MTNA 2020 Conference is ONLINE!

As you know, MTNA has put their 2020 Conference online! What a great value to us and to the piano teaching community this is. It’s also a great opportunity to let those non-TMTA teachers in your area get a glimpse of what our organization has to offer.

Convention Wrap-up

Well, this will be short! Just wanted to let you know that although the 2020 convention had to be canceled, we were able to get many of the participants to agree to come next year to our convention in Dallas! YEAH! So make your plans now to come there (June 17-20, 2021). It will be doubly good and doubly jampacked with wonderful sessions, concerts, and friends so anxious to see each other. Hopefully it will NOT have to be a hug-free meeting. Keep your fingers crossed!


Can you help?
There may be no accounting for taste, but there is accounting for TMTA’s finances! TMTA is looking for someone with non-profit experience to help the VPBA with her duties. Government regulations only get more and more complex, so the Board felt it was time to get this assistance. If you know someone with this type of experience (either an independent contractor or accounting firm), please contact me, and I will send them the details. Or you can give them this link to see if they might be interested. This position will begin on October 1 of this year. 

New TMTA Officers

Teresa, Spring, and I are excited to welcome three new officers to the fold. Thanks to the membership for voting to uphold their nominations. You will be hearing from, and about these amazing people in subsequent newsletters and we all thank them for volunteering their time and energy to support TMTA. They are:

Dr Richard Fountain, NCTM

Vice President For Student Activities:
Beverly Ryan

Vice President for Business Activities-Elect:
Julie Arras

293 Student Excellence Awards given out totaling $41,528

As many of us have had to face financial hardships during this time, so has TMTA. The Awards for Student Excellence were still given out this year and many donations that normally would have come in, have not. Won’t you please consider sending in a donation at this time to help with the funding of these awards? Your gift will be doubly appreciated this year.

Happy Fourth of July!

We have so much to celebrate in our country, not the least of which is the opportunity to work together for the betterment of all our citizens. Hope you have a safe and healthy holiday.

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