June 15, 2020 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 06/17/2020
Dear TMTA Members,
This is the last bimonthly newsletter that I will send you as president. Beginning July 1, Roy Wylie, NCTM will be president of TMTA. I am confident that he will passionately serve the members of TMTA to the best of his ability. His wisdom and integrity will help TMTA to continue to grow and deal with issues that pertain to the current pandemic crisis. We are in excellent hands.
I still have two more years to serve as a TMTA Officer, but I am saying farewell (as officers) to Rick Valentine and Heather Rathnau, NCTM. I have had the privilege to serve with Rick as a TMTA Officer for the last six years and feel that he has become one of my best friends. I respect his insight, wisdom, kindness, and humor in all situations. It won’t be the same with him absent from the officer and board meetings. Although I have known Heather for many years, it has been the last two years that I have really gotten to know her on a more personal level. She is responsible, kind, trustworthy and has a true heart for service. One of the benefits of becoming a TMTA Officer is that we become friends as we serve together. I want to thank Rick and Heather for serving with me and being my friend!
Thank you TMTA Membership for your support. I will still be around, but I now pass the gavel to Roy Wylie, NCTM as he begins to fearlessly lead our organization for the next two years.
Teresa Crawford, NCTM

TMTA President 2018-2020

In Gratitude from Rick Valentine

It is customary at the last General Session at the TMTA Convention for the Immediate Past President to present the outgoing President a plaque. Since our convention is cancelled, I wanted to make sure this happened in a public forum.
Teresa Crawford began her service six years ago as the Vice President of Student Activities. I was the newly elected President-Elect at the time, and I did not know Teresa very well. I was also the outgoing VPSA and I was asked to help her transition into her new role. That was the beginning of a wonderful life-long friendship that has enriched me in many ways. As VPSA, she not only handled all her duties effortlessly, she also stepped in and chaired the new Website Committee. Under Teresa’s leadership, the new website became a reality. She also started the popular Student Affiliate Fair that continues at the TMTA Convention to this day. 
As President-Elect Teresa put on two incredible TMTA Conventions. I can speak from experience that putting on the TMTA Convention is no small task. She brought fresh, new ideas and I was amazed at her organization skills. 
When I stepped down as President, I knew TMTA was in great hands with Teresa. She did not disappoint. Her leadership was steady, fair, and even tempered. TMTA has been fortunate to have such a fine colleague working tirelessly for the good of our association. She is one of the most ethical, honest, and genuine people I know. It is with great pleasure I honor her today. I am thrilled to call her and her entire family my friends! Thank you, Teresa for your continued service to TMTA!

Thank you from Rick Valentine,
TMTA Immediate Past President (2018-2020)

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the TMTA membership for the opportunity to serve this amazing association of talented, creative, and generous music teachers. I am looking forward to my transition from TMTA Leadership to TMTA Member. My time as an officer was filled with challenges, joys, and most importantly, rewards! The past seven years have been some of the most rewarding of my life. The fellow officers I have had the pleasure of working with have enriched me in ways I never expected. The Board members have been so helpful and encouraging. And the members I have interacted with have been amazing. I appreciate all of you!
The thing that makes it easy to step down is knowing that TMTA is in excellent and capable hands. The new slate of officers is stellar, and I can’t wait to see where they take our association. As with many Past Presidents, this is not the end of my service to TMTA. I will continue to serve as needed, but on a different level. I encourage everyone to get involved on the local or state level. You won’t regret it!

Thank you from Heather Rathnau, NCTM, 
TMTA Vice President for Student Activities (2018-2020)

It has been such a privilege to serve as your VPSA for the past two years!  I am so proud of the SA Committee and their non-stop hard work throughout the year. The SA Coordinators are TMTA rockstars! I am also proud of what we accomplished together for the benefit of the TMTA students and teachers. Student Affiliate is in great hands with the incoming VPSA, Beverly Ryan. I also want to thank Teresa for her exceptional guidance during this unprecedented pandemic as well as Roy, Rick, and Spring. It was such a great experience to serve with each of you. All the best to the students we serve. TMTA will continue to thrive with your support!