May 15, 2020 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 05/18/2020
Dear TMTA Members,
I am finding it hard to come up with the right words for this newsletter. We are in a holding period right now as we wait out this pandemic. Meanwhile, I need to count my blessings. I am thankful that TMTA will continue to thrive when this is all over. I am thankful for all my friends and colleagues in this organization. I am thankful that I am still able to teach online. This is a time to reflect, appreciate, and learn. When all is said and done, it will be interesting to hear what we have taken away from this experience. As for now, keep encouraging each other and be thankful for what you have.
Teresa Crawford, NCTM
TMTA President 2018-2020

Check out some of the Exhibitors who were going to be at our convention!

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General Assembly Minutes from TMTA 2019 Convention

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Online voting open for TMTA Directors

Online voting for TMTA Officers and TMTA Directors is now open. A full bio of each of these individuals is in the Spring issue of the TMT and on the website. You will need to log in to view the ballot.
Voting will remain open until June 1, 2020.
The following individuals are running for TMTA Officer Positions:
President-Elect: Richard Fountain, NCTM
Vice President for Student Activities: Beverly Ryan
Vice President for Business Activities-Elect: Julie Arras
TMTA Members may vote for two individuals to serve on the TMTA Board of Directors. The following individuals are running for TMTA Director:
Dorothy Yan
Libby Vanatta, NCTM
Sheryl Speelman, NCTM
Becky Ward

Congratulations to the MTNA National Performance Competition Winners from Texas

Junior Piano-Second Place
Bryant Li, Student of John Weems
Junior Woodwind-Third Place
Reina Shim, Student of Monica Song
Senior Piano-Chopin Award
Shiv Yajnik, Student of Marcy and Alex McDonald
Senior String-Third Place
Matthew Ho, Student of Jan Sloman
Senior Voice-Winner
Dana Mays, Student of Katherine White
Senior Woodwind-Third Place
Jacob Brockett, Student of Joshua Bryant
Young Artist Voice-Winner  
Carolyn Orr, Student of Robert Best
Young Artist Woodwind, Second Place        
Landon Chang, Student of Eric Nestler

Many teachers and individuals make donations to TMTA on their convention registration. Since we are not having our 2020 Convention, we are still in need of donations to help cover the student awards we will be giving out this year. Please take time to donate!
To encourage more charitable giving in 2020, the recently enacted government stimulus bill (the “CARES Act”) provides additional tax deduction incentives for donors. Please check the IRS website for details.