November 1, 2019 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 11/04/2019

President's Message

Dear TMTA Members,

As you know, TMTA Members Rick Valentine and Rebecca Landreth, NCTM have been nominated as MTNA Fellows for 2020. They will be honored at the 2020 MTNA Conference in Chicago, Illinois. TMTA depends on our members to donate the funds needed to support the nominations of these two well-deserving teachers. To contribute to MTNA and recognize these two special teachers, click here and select “Foundation Fellow.” Be sure to indicate, by name, if your contribution is for one, or both nominees.
Musically, Teresa Crawford, NCTM

Wishing everyone a smooth testing period for the fall!
It's Fall of 2019 and that means that Level 11 is now testing on the new 2015 TMTA theory syllabus. Some changes to the Level 11 test include:
  • Four-part writing with inversions
  • Scale degree names and modes
  • Augmented and diminished chords, as well as seventh chords on the lead sheet question. 
  • Aural recognition of authentic, half, and plagal cadences
  • Aural recognition of major and minor chords in any inversion
The sample practice tests for grades 11 and 12 have been updated and can be found on the TMTA website. Level 12 will follow the new syllabus beginning Fall of 2020.


MTNA is pleased to announce the results of the composition competition for Texas.
Winner: Grant Qu, Student of Liang Liang
Honorable mention: Peyton Xu, Student of Julie Chung
Honorable mention: Connie Zhao, Student of Jennea Potter
Winner: Benjamin Who, Student of Ann Witherspoon
Honorable mention: Steven Lu, Student of Carl Van Wyk
Winner: Faith Choi, Student of Wonkyung Kang
Honorable mention: Idenya Bala-Mehta, Student of Linda Bryan
Honorable mention: Brielle Resendez, Student of Elna Myburg
Honorable mention: Alvin Yang, Student of Timothy Brown
Thank you to Mike Springer who is the MTNA/TMTA Composition Chair. Winning and representative compositions automatically advance to the division competition. The results of that competition will be announced in the middle of December.


For Local Ensemble Chairs
For Local Presidents

Executive Board Highlight

Hsinyi Wang, NCTM, Certification Director
Dr. Hsinyi Wang joined Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA) in 2013 and has been an active member in TMTA and Fort Worth MTA. In the past, she has served as the Vice President of Programing at the Fort Worth MTA and TMTA SA Chamber Music Clinic Chair.
Wang is passionate about teaching. As an active performing cellist, Wang performs frequently in the DFW area, including Richardson Symphony, Lewisville Lake Symphony Orchestra, and collaborative concerts with regional universities. She received her Master Degree in Cello Performance and String Pedagogy from Temple University (PA) with legendary cello teacher Orlando Cole, and her DMA degree from the Catholic University of America (DC) with Robert Newkirk. Dr. Wang currently serves as the Professor of Music at the Tarrant County College Northeast Campus, teaching music theory courses, and steering the string and instrumental ensemble programs, as well as the String Preparatory division.

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