TMTA April 15 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 04/22/2019

President's Message

Here are some highlights from the MTNA Conference in Spokane, Washington.

Susan Paradis and Carolyn True, NCTM

Texas MTNA Fellows honored at the MTNA Gala

Ann Witherspoon

Receiving the MTNA Distinguished Service Award at the MTNA Awards Brunch

Texas Teachers enjoying dinner at Wiley's Downtown Bistro
on Sunday evening of the MTNA Conference.


Convention Canapes

Roy Wylie, NCTM, TMTA President-Elect

I hope you have been making your plans to attend the 2019 TMTA Convention this June. And you know ALL about Guest Artists Anderson & Roe Duo Pianists, Guest Clinicians Catherine Rollin and Kevin Olson, and the myriad sessions, competitions, and concerts that are now on your “must hear” list. BUT DID YOU KNOW, that we have two new vendors helping us out this year? Ensemble Photographs will be taken by Cyndi Bender Photography. She comes to us with an extensive background in taking group photographs and provides an expanded stock of items to purchase to enhance the memories of this convention. General photographs of the convention will be taken by Blair Haynie Photography. Not only does Blair have great credentials as a photographer, he is also the grandfather of a piano student. Returning this year will be Crossroads Ink (T-shirts) and Rankin Imagery Production(Ensemble Video Recording). Your support of these new and returning vendors allows them to have a profitable time with us and makes it possible for TMTA to provide these services to you at little or no cost to the organization.

Register now and book your hotel room for the amazing 2019 TMTA Convention.



For Convention Attendees: 
For Teachers:
For Ensemble Coordinators:
For Performance Coordinators:


Online Voting for TMTA Directors
is Open
Online voting for two TMTA Directors to serve on the board from 2019-2022 is now open. All members may vote for two directors to serve on the TMTA Executive Board. A full bio of each of these individuals is in the Spring issue of the TMT. Voting will remain open until June 1, 2019. The following individuals are running for director positions: Julie Arras, Michael Clark, NCTM, Dr. Christopher Madden, and Dr. Dino Mulic.
Call for
New College Faculty Performances
Each year, TMTA hosts a New Faculty Recital for faculty members who have recently started teaching at a university in Texas. This year, the recital will take place on June 22, 2019 at the state convention at the Houston Hyatt Regency Hotel.  Interested faculty may perform one or more pieces that total no more than 10 minutes of music. Both instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome! If you are interested, please send program information, a short bio (2-3 sentences), and a headshot to Chris Madden. Submissions are due by April 19th at 5:00 p.m.


Association Highlight: Kingwood-Humble MTA

The Kingwood-Humble Music Teachers Association was formed in 1979 to serve teachers in the communities of Northeast Houston. They meet on the second Wednesday of each month, either at Lone Star College-Kingwood or in members' homes. They currently have 15 members. Their members vary from those who just graduated from college to those who are close to retirement. Some of their members are active performers and recording artists. Each November they hold a Fall Musicale, a series of three recitals on a Saturday. Their most popular event, for students and judges, is the Spring Tournament. Students are given a list of pieces and choose a piece according to their age. They must perform at the minimum age listed but can play up in age if desired. Students are given medals according to their scores. It's always interesting to hear the different interpretations. If the piece is popular with students, it's not uncommon to hear over 10 renditions!


Mary Loy, MTNA Foundation Chair
Local Associations and individuals have the opportunity to participate in the MTNA Foundation Silent Auction at the 2019 TMTA Convention in Houston AND be recognized in the Convention Book. Each association in the state of Texas is asked to provide an item(s) that is unique to their association/region. 
  • Teachers within your association may also donate via their individual studios. 
  • You may contact local businesses to contribute.
IF you fill out this brief form BY April 15, 2019 you will be listed in the Convention Book along with your donation item(s).
Contact Mary Loy for more information.
IMTF Quick Tips for Your Studio:
Triads, Part Two
Janet Soller, IMTF Chair
When you introduce a new piece to your student, try adding the discovery of triads as one of the first steps.
  1. Look at a chord. Teach blocking the chord if necessary.
  2. Ask the student if the chord is in root position.
  3. If “no”, ask which inversion it is in.
  4. If in an inversion, ask the student to play the chord in root position.
  5. Have the student write the letter name and quality of chord in their music.

Newly Certified Teacher Spotlight:
Joanna Reeder, NCTM

oanna graduated with a masters in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Houston. She teaches applied and group piano, early childhood music, and Recreational Music Making for adults throughout the greater Houston area.
Why is certification important to you?
Certification offers a level of accountability, challenging me to continue my own education as a teacher. It is a means of demonstrating the value I place on professionalism and continuing education to my students, colleagues, and community. The certification process and requirements give me tangible ways to keep myself up-to-date in current pedagogical research and professional activities. This is one way to ensure I remain a learner, enabling me to facilitate learning for my students in relevant ways. Certification is one of many tools MTNA offers to help teachers provide quality music instruction for their students.