TMTA August 1 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 08/08/2019

President's Message

Dear TMTA Members,

I just returned from a cruise through parts of Alaska. There were so many memorable events, but my favorite part was the weather and the fresh air. It was glorious. Back in Texas, summer activities are beginning to wind down as we see the new school year peeking at us with expectant eyes. Things start over, but it is important to always breathe fresh air into our routine. TMTA offers so many ways for us to do that and I am thankful for all of them. Take time to try something new this year.

Musically, Teresa Crawford, NCTM

Deadline Approaching for Best of State

Congratulations to Independent MTA for being named Best of State at the 2019 Convention.
Local Presidents now is the time to apply for your local association to be one of the nominees for Texas Best of State 2020!

 2019 Board Reports

The 2019 Reports to the Boardare now posted on our website.

Incorporating SA Events into Summer Projects

Let’s talk about some summer projects that can keep your students busy and in lessons! How about writing a paper for the Publication contest? Students have more time to spend at the library and more time to read in the summer months. Consider having a summer camp devoted to writing the article. Have students present their paper at the end of camp - in costume, if applicable. It will be more fun if you make it a social experience. Get a head start and your student's article may be a winner for 2020! 

Do you have TMTA Expense Reimbursements?

If you still need to be reimbursed for TMTA expenses, then please submit an Expense Form as soon as possible and include all relevant receipts. This applies mainly to TMTA Committee Chairs, SA Coordinators and Chairs, Theory graders, World of Music graders, and officers. I would like to get all Expense Forms submitted as soon as possible, and by September 10 at the latest. Expense Forms for 2018-2019 which are submitted AFTER September 30, 2019 will not be reimbursed. Questions can be sent directly to Spring Seals, NCTM.

Convention Highlights

Pictured from left to right is Alex McDonald, Rachel McDonald, Nareida Garcia, and David Davies. They performed David’s TMTA Commissioned Composition “Love Bade Me Welcome” at the 2019 TMTA Convention.

2019 TMTA Teacher of the Year: Mary  Loy

2019 Outstanding Pre-Collegiate Teaching
Achievement: Shearon Horton, NCTM

2019 Outstanding Collegiate
Teaching Achievement: Luis Sanchez


Shelly Davis, NCTM, TMTA SA Theory Coordinator

** Old rule – students were only permitted to test one grade level below their school grade and 5th-12th grade students had to test at a minimum of Level 4 to meet eligibility requirements for ensemble and other TMTA SA activities.
** New rule – ALL students, including grades 3-5, are now permitted to test up to two grade levels below their school grade and 6th-12th grade students may continue to test as low as Level 4 to meet eligibility requirements for ensemble and other TMTA SA activities.
** Old rule - students who PASS a level (score of 70 or higher) must advance to the next level when they test again.
** New rule - only students who EARN A MEDAL (score of 90 or higher- on grade level or below) must advance to the next level when they test again. Students are permitted to remain at the same testing level, until they earn a 90 or above, each testing period to meet eligibility requirements in other TMTA SA activities.
** Old rule - only students who test at Level 4 or higher are eligible to earn an Instrumental or Vocal Medal.
** New rule - any student who scores 90 or higher may earn the Instrumental or Vocal Medal, no matter what level of test they take.
To earn Whitlock Medals, students must test at their current school grade level.
Once the current inventory of Instrumental and Vocal Medals has been awarded, the medal awarded to students testing below school grade level will be renamed the ‘Theory Achievement Medal’. You will notice this name change in the 2019-2020 TMTA Handbook.

Association Highlight

Metroplex MTA

Metroplex MTA was founded in 1994 and currently has seven members. In addition to Festivals, Theory testing, and State Ensemble, they have teachers that actively pursue Original Composition, Publication, and World of Music. They are grateful to have previous TMTA Coordinators in leadership roles within their local as well. Their most fun activity each year is a fundraising event called “The Competition.” In this event, they encourage their students to poke fun at serious competitions and are judged as much by their creativity and the number of bribes to the judge, as well as their talent.