TMTA August 1 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 08/04/2018

Call for Sessions

The deadline to submit a proposal to present at the 2019 TMTA Convention in Houston has been changed to October 22, 2018 for this year. If you are interested in presenting a session at the TMTA Convention next year, applications are being accepted now through October 22.

TMTA Board Motions

If you are interested in the motions passed by the TMTA Board for 2018, click here to review them.

Looking for students?

There is a “Find a Teacher” function on the TMTA Website, BUT you must allow TMTA to show your email address and/or phone number by activating it in your profile. Go to your profile on the TMTA Website and click “Edit Profile” at the bottom of the screen. There are two very small boxes right below “phone number” and “email.” If you want prospective students to see this information, just click the box. It’s that easy!


Teacher Enrichment Conference

The 2018 Teacher Enrichment Conference is scheduled for October 27, 2018, at Baylor University. Our presenter is Dr. Jane Magrath from University of Oklahoma, a gifted and inspiring master teacher. The conference will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 3:00 PM, so most teachers will be able to travel back home at the conclusion.  Registration fee: $35 in advance, $45 at the door. Collegiate members - $25. For more detail, hotel information, and to register, click here.
Lydia Bratcher, NCTM
TMTA Head Trustee


In Memoriam

Members who have passed away since June 2018 are the following:
  • Anna Montgomery Farish, July 2, 2018
  • Arnold Jerome Leondar, June 20, 2018
  • Carl Dean Shank, Jr., June 20, 2018
If you have a member that has passed away, please contact Abby Hehenberger . A full obituary will be placed on the website for members to see. 

Hurricane Relief

The TMTA Trustees were honored to participate with many other colleagues in providing disaster relief to several teachers in the Houston area who suffered damage to their instruments, libraries, and/or teaching space. There are still a few remaining funds available for hurricane disaster relief. If you have suffered damage due to Hurricane Harvey, go to  Disaster Relief Grant on the TMTA website. Also, if you would like to contribute to the relief fund , your gift is welcome and appreciated!


Association Highlight 

Abilene Music Teachers Association began as Central West Texas Music Teachers Association and was reorganized in 1964. In 1977 they developed a new charter and have since been known as Abilene MTA. Currently they have 21 active members along with one apprentice member and three collegiate members. Twice a year they perform at the downtown Art walk. They provide AMTA recitals that are open to the public and once a year have a Showcase Concert as a benefit for Harmony Family Services. This concert features their Ensemble Teams, TMTA SA Local Performance Contest winners, MTNA/TMTA Composition Contest winners, and their Local Abilene Piano Solo Contest winners. AMTA’s website can be found here  and their Facebook page here. Abilene MTA is the home to two TMTA past presidents, Sherry Frush, NCTM and Susan Conner, NCTM; TMTA Pre-Collegiate Teacher of the Year Shirley J. Anderson; and two members who have served on the TMTA board of directors, Lauren Puckett, NCTM and Sharla Van Cleave, NCTM.



Building a Thriving Local Association

78.5% of MTNA members surveyed said that it is important for their local association to offer professional development programs for teachers. If attendance at your programs is low, don’t give up! Try changing your meeting times and locations to allow more members to attend, not all members have the typical after-school 3:30-8:00 p.m. piano teaching schedule. Consider some weekend or evening meetings or schedule a teacher program on the same day as a student event when teachers are already present.
--Spring Seals, NCTM

TMTA Expense Reimbursements

If you still need to be reimbursed for TMTA expenses, then please submit an Expense Form as soon as possible and include all relevant receipts (Expense Form is found after logging into ) . This applies mainly to TMTA Committee Chairs, SA Coordinators and Chairs, Theory graders, World of Music graders, and officers. I would like to get all Expense Forms submitted as soon as possible, and by September 10 at the latest. Expense Forms for 2017-2018 which are submitted AFTER September 30, 2018 will not be reimbursed. Questions can be sent directly to Fredrica Phillips, VPBA .