TMTA August 15 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 08/20/2019

President's Message

Dear TMTA Members,

Your officers just spent several days in Granbury planning for 2019-2020. I am so honored to get to work with each of these individuals and am blessed to have such a cohesive team to work with. We covered a variety of TMTA topics including budget, Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures. As a volunteer organization, the officers are here for the teachers of TMTA.
August is here and things are quickly beginning to pick up. If you have information that needs to be in this newsletter, please send the information to me.
Musically, Teresa Crawford, NCTM


Important Info Regarding the Find a Teacher Directory on TMTA Website

All teachers who are members of TMTA are part of the Find a Teacher Directory on the TMTA Website.  Beginning September 3, if you do not want to have your email or phone number published on the website, you will need to “opt out.” This can be done by going to your profile and unchecking the boxes underneath your phone number and email. 

Teacher Enrichment Conference Videos

The videos of Jane McGrath at the 2018 TMTA Teacher Enrichment Conference in Waco will be available to ALL TMTA teachers for a limited time beginning August 15 until August 31. Take advantage of these inspiring videos.


For Local Ensemble Chairs: TMTA SA Ensemble Repertoire Approval Form-November 1
For Local Theory Chairs: TMTA SA Theory Test Date Form-September 15
For Local Presidents: TMTA Best of State Application-September 30
For Local World of Music Chairs: TMTA SA World of Music Test Date Form-September 30
Session Presenters for TMTA 2020 Convention: Proposal Form-October 31

Local Association Presidents

Have you submitted the Local Association Report for your association? The deadline was July 1. Please click here and complete as soon as possible.

Best of State

Dino Mulic, Chair

Deadline is September 30! The Best of State Award highlights the accomplishments of TMTA local associations. Local presidents must submit an online application and summarize your innovative projects, creative programming ideas, or exciting music-making programs. The winner will be selected by a three-member panel and the award will be presented at the 2020 June Convention in Houston. For more information, click here.

Leadership Highlight

Stathia Orwig, Delegate Assembly Director I

Stathia Orwig has been teaching music in the Dallas area for over 17 years and is a member and current president of Dallas Music Teachers Association. She began piano lessons in grade school and participated in many Dallas MTA and Garland MTA festivals and contests. After graduation from Ursuline Academy in Dallas, she went on to earn her degree from Austin College where she studied piano under Daniel Dominick and toured the U.S. and Europe with her choir. She has developed and shaped baby, toddler, and preschool curriculums, as well as taught over 120 piano students. Parents say she is responsible for giving musical passion and joy in many little ones who have gone on to study with musical confidence! Her piano students regard her not only as a teacher, but as a role model and mentor.

Congratulations to Fredrica Phillips from Plano MTA for receiving the Texas Distiguished Teacher Award at the 2019 Convention. Congratulations to Janis Parish from Pearland MTA for being named a Texas Teaching Fellow at the 2019 Convention.

TMTA SA Publication Contest

Vera Balaban, Coordinator

Another successful year with 97 entries in the Publication Contest for 2018-19. There were 11 Winners and 36 Outstanding essays. Congratulations to all!
The issue of plagiarism is cropping up and we need all our teachers to explain exactly what plagiarism is to those students entering the Publication Contest to avoid disqualification. Plagiarism means that an idea/exact words are taken from an existing author and rewritten so that the person taking the idea/words makes it look like their own idea. Students need to credit/cite the source of the original idea/words. This is an important concept to learn now as students learn the foundations of good essay writing. As students move into high school and college, plagiarism becomes grounds for disciplinary action.
The new topics for 2019-2020 are now posted and the topics are varied with something for everyone. We look forward to more wonderful essays! 

Start Something New

With school getting ready to start, how about implementing World of Music into your studio curriculum? Purchase the grade level workbook from tmta.organd get started now so your students will be ready to test next spring. Each level is independent of other levels, so your students can jump right in. Any score of 90 or above earns a medal. Start building up those SA Participation points! Relating music history to world history is sure to help your students in school as well. Win win!

Do you have TMTA Expense Reimbursements?

If you still need to be reimbursed for TMTA expenses, then please submit an Expense Form as soon as possible and include all relevant receipts. This applies mainly to TMTA Committee Chairs, SA Coordinators and Chairs, Theory graders, World of Music graders, and officers. I would like to get all Expense Forms submitted as soon as possible, and by September 10 at the latest. Expense Forms for 2018-2019 which are submitted AFTER September 30, 2019 will not be reimbursed. Questions can be sent directly to Spring Seals, NCTM.

In Memoriam

Glenna O’Dell, Metroplex MTA-August 1, 2019

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