TMTA July 15 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 07/23/2019

President's Message

Dear TMTA Members,
The 2019 TMTA Convention is one that will be well-remembered for years to come and it would be impossible for me to mention all the exciting events that occurred. Our convention is one of the best under the umbrella of MTNA because of our teachers and the many people who work to make it happen. Over the next few issues of this newsletter, I will be showing highlights from our convention. If you have pictures to share, post them on social media using #tmta2019. We would love to see them.
Musically, Teresa Crawford, NCTM

Julie Arras (Mid-Cities MTA) and Michael Clark, NCTM (Forum MTA) have been voted in as the new Directors to the TMTA Board. Ruth Parkinson (Kingwood Humble MTA) is the new Delegate Assembly Director II.
2019 Board Reports
The 2019 Reports to the Board are now posted on our website.


Shelly Davis, NCTM, TMTA SA Theory Coordinator
** Old rule – students were only permitted to test one grade level below their school grade and 5th-12th grade students had to test at a minimum of Level 4 to meet eligibility requirements for ensemble and other TMTA SA activities.
** New rule – students are now permitted to test up to two grade levels belowtheir school grade and 6th-12th grade students may test at a minimum of Level 4 to meet eligibility requirements for ensemble and other TMTA SA activities.
** Old rule - students who PASS a level (score of 70 or higher) must advance to the next level when they test again.
** New rule - only students who EARN A MEDAL (score of 90 or higher) must advance to the next level when they test again. Students are permitted to remain at the same testing level, until they earn a 90 or above, each testing period to meet eligibility requirements in other TMTA SA activities.
** Old rule - only students who test at Level 4 or higher are eligible to earn an Instrumental or Vocal Medal.
** New rule - any student who scores 90 or higher may earn the Instrumental or Vocal Medal, no matter what level of test they take.
To earn Whitlock Medals, students must test at their current school grade level.
Once the current inventory of Instrumental and Vocal Medals has been awarded, the medal awarded for testing below school grade level will be renamed the ‘Theory Achievement Medal’. You will notice this name change in the 2019-2020 TMTA Handbook.

Convention Highlights

The Anderson & Roe concert was one of the biggest events at the convention.  It was a full house!

Catherine Rollin and Kevin Olson were two of our featured clinicians who also had time to talk to excited students.

The TMTA SA Performance Contest is an unforgettable event during the convention.


The TMTA SA Ensembles are always packed with excited students, families, and teachers.


The DKO (Digital Keyboard Orchestra) keeps growing and growing and the students have so much fun participating. 

Richard Fountain, NCTM and Stathia Orwig, NCTM, did a great hob keeping the Delegate Assembly Directors engaged during the Delegate Assembly!



Association Highlight

El Paso MTA

The El Paso Music Teachers Association was incorporated in 1981. They have about 40 members and meet on the second Thursday of each month. Besides taking care of business matters, they usually have a program presented by a guest speaker or by a member sharing their expertise and experience. They have many activities and events for their students. Besides the state activities, they have three recitals at the Chamizal National Memorial Theatre, recitals at various places around their community (Botanical Gardens, El Paso Zoo, and a Halloween Recital at Sunland Park Mall), an Around the World Recital, a Baroque Competition, a recital especially for boys, and two festivals in which students are judged and earn points toward a trophy. For the past few years, they have been involved with the Braden Aboud Charity Foundation. Besides helping raise money for El Paso’s students, they earn money to help their families attend the TMTA Convention for Ensembles and Performance Contest. EPMTA is a welcoming family that is dedicated to giving their students the best musical education and experiences possible.