TMTA June 15 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 06/23/2019

President's Message

Dear TMTA Members, By the time you receive this newsletter, the TMTA Convention will only be few days away. I look forward to seeing everyone! Our convention is so inspiring because of all the great concerts and sessions we offer to our members and guests. Please note, there will be no newsletter on July 1. The next newsletter will be July 15 when I will recap some of the events from our June Convention.

Musically, Teresa Crawford, NCTM

2018 General Session Minutes

Take time to review the 2018 TMTA General Session minutes prior to our first General Assembly on Friday.


If you are taking pictures at the TMTA Convention and posting them to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, PLEASE use the hashtag #TMTA2019 so we can keep a record of all the great photos. If you are not familiar with social media, please email your photos to [email protected]We want to see your pictures!

IMTF Quick Tips for Your Studio:

Online Teaching—Part Two—Advantages and Disadvantages
Janet Soller, IMTF Chair
  • Avoiding make-ups for illness or weather
  • Viewing the student’s home practice environment
  • Enlarging your teaching market
  • Home studio advantage for apartment or town-home teachers
  • Viewing entire posture
  • Assisting with technique by touch
  • Having in-person participation in recitals, festivals, etc.
Send me a message with how you overcome your disadvantages.

Association Highlight

Jacksonville MTA
Jacksonville MTA was chartered in 1989 and has been an active association since that time. In the past, their membership was larger than it is now, and they took turns hosting meetings. They have enjoyed a variety of informative programs, and shared ideas and teaching techniques. Their membership has changed from eight teachers to three teachers, but they still try to provide activities and opportunities for their students with an emphasis on professionalism and high standards. Jacksonville MTA wants the students to come first in any activity that they provide, and they want to foster a love and appreciation for music. Currently, they offer a Baroque-Sonatina-Classical Festival for the students. This festival is judged, and the students earn report cards and ribbons. Each teacher has one or two private recitals every year, and the TMTA SA Theory Test is administered each testing period. As individual lifestyles change, and families become more and more active in other pursuits, Jacksonville MTA believes that it is important to offer quality musical instruction to their students. This gives them the gift of music and helps keep beauty in their lives.