TMTA May 1 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 05/02/2019

President's Message

Here are some highlights from the MTNA Conference in Spokane, Washington with our very own Texans leading sessions. There will be more pictures of Texas presenters in the next issue of the bi-monthly newsletter.
Artina McCain’s session on “Building Healthy Practice Techniques: From Injury to Prevention.”
Michael Clark, NCTM, along with colleague Kate Acone, presenting an accelerated learning track session “Forty Ways to Practice Scales: Ideas for Improving Students Accuracy, Agility, and Artistry."
Kevin Gunter presenting a session on “Trending Now: Your Future with Adult Students.”
Chris Madden presenting “Preparing the Mind and Body for Musical Performance.”
Matthew Kline presented “The Embodied Musician: The Impact of Dalcroze and Yoga


Convention Canapés

Roy Wylie, NCTM, TMTA President-Elect

When you come to the TMTA State Convention, one thing you will notice is "Pianos.” Lots and lots of pianos! We use around 75 pianos to put on the convention. These range from Concert Grands (3 this year!) down to smaller grands, uprights, and some digital pianos. How can TMTA afford to do this? Only with the very generous support of the Steinway and Yamaha dealers in the area. They provide us these instruments at very low, or no cost, and with financial supplementation as well. We are so blessed to have such supportive companies in our state.
So how can THEY afford to help us like this? Well, one way is to sell the pianos that have been lightly used during the convention. So if you, or one of your students, need a new piano (at a greatly reduced price, I might add) please visit one of the piano dealers in the Exhibit Hall - you will get a fine instrument and save lots of money in the process. Only by supporting the music dealers who support us, can we continue to have the amazing conventions that TMTA is known for throughout the country.



For Convention Attendees: 
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Vote Online for TMTA Directors

Online voting for two TMTA Directors to serve on the board from 2019-2022 is now open. All members may vote for two directors to serve on the TMTA Executive Board. A full bio of each of these individuals is in the Spring issue of the TMT. Voting will remain open until June 1, 2019. The following individuals are running for director positions: Julie Arras, Michael Clark, NCTM, Dr. Christopher Madden, and Dr. Dino Mulic.

Vote now.


The deadline for early registration to convention is May 7. The cost for early registration is only $100. After May 7, registration goes up to $130. Also, remind your families that are attending convention to register before May 7!

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Association Highlight
Magic Valley MTA

Magic Valley Music Teachers (MVMTA) was chartered on June 11, 1983. There were 19 charter members, two of these are still members, Ann Graf and Medard Perez. Currently, they have 20 members and approximately 340 Student Affiliates. MVMTA offers an annual Piano Festival held at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, a Piano Duet Jubilee Recital, a Boys/Girls Recital, and a Spring Recital. Their monthly meetings are held in member’s homes. MVMTA participates in many TMTA activities: Theory Test, World of Music Test, Performance Contest, Publication/Video Essay Contest, Composition Contest, All-Star Festival, and their most favorite……..ENSEMBLES! Magic Valley MTA also has a new collegiate chapter, South Texas MTNA Collegiate Chapter. Dr. Brendan Kinsella is the faculty advisor for this program.

SA-Where to find the "HOW TO"

Heather Rathnau, NCTM, Vice President for Student Activities

The TMTA Handbook, found here, is the place to go to find rules for events and eligibility.  If you are a local chair and have more detailed questions, go to the online page for that event and find the procedures document for it. You can also contact the Office with additional questions.

IMTF Quick Tips for your Studio: Triads, Part Three

Janet Soller, IMTF Chair

I teach triads as soon as I can. If the students’ hands are young or unready for one hand triad-playing, I have the student use two hands.
  • Teach Roman numeral chord identifications only if student is cognitively prepared. Review the same information several lessons in a row.
  • Use theory worksheets of your choice for “reinforcement” or final assessment.

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