TMTA May 15 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 05/17/2019
Here are some more highlights from the MTNA Conference in Spokane, Washington with our very own Texans leading sessions. Enjoy!
Musically, Teresa Crawford, NCTM
Mona Rejino in the MTNA Session "From Pen to Premiere".  She was commissioned by MTNA to compose a chamber work for intermediate students.  The title of the piece is "Impressions of New York".  Lesley McAllister, NCTM, presenting her session, "Learning to Face Fear: Anxiety and the Adolescent Student". 
Holly Kessis presenting an accelerated learning track session, “The Millennial Music Teacher: What Sets Young Professionals Apart and What Can We Learn from Them". University of Texas students presenting an accelerated learning track session, “Talking the Talk: Putting Music into Words”.



Convention Canapes

Roy Wylie, NCTM, TMTA President Elect

The 2019 TMTA Convention is quickly approaching, even though your end-of-year recitals may not be quite underway. You can still register for the convention and although the discounted rate is no longer available, the regular price is still an amazing bargain for the experience you will have and the information you can take back to your studio. And we still have rooms at our unbelievable convention rate - so don’t let those slip away from you. Register/reserve TODAY!
Just wanted to remind you that our convention artists, Anderson & Roe, and Alfred Representative, Catherine Rollin will be giving masterclasses. "What would I get out of those?”, you might ask. Well the repertoire they will be coaching is predominately repertoire you are probably teaching right now! Even lots of the duo rep is something any Intermediate student in any studio might play. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear inspiring comments about the music you teach every week. You can view the Convention schedule, including the masterclasses here.

For Convention Attendees: 
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Vote Online for TMTA Directors

Online voting for two TMTA Directors to serve on the board from 2019-2022 is now open. All members may vote for two directors to serve on the TMTA Executive Board. A full bio of each of these individuals is in the Spring issue of the TMT. Voting will remain open until June 1, 2019. The following individuals are running for director positions: Julie Arras, Michael Clark, NCTM, Dr. Christopher Madden, and Dr. Dino Mulic.

Vote now.

Attention Ensemble Chairs, Directors, and Teachers!

DVDs and digital downloads will be available again this year.  For discount pricing, order before June 10, 2019 (DVDs) and June 17, 2019 (digital downloads).  Digital downloads can be shared with members of the same performance group AND family members.  Prices go up after June 10th & 17th.  Digital downloads will be delivered in MP4 format (plays on almost everything) and will be in high definition!

Order Now.

Association Highlight: Waco MTA

Waco Music Teachers Association began in 1938. Two famous WMTA members from early years include Roxy Grove (Chair of the Baylor University School of Music from 1926-1943 and TMTA President in 1934 and 1935) and Mrs. Curtis Smith, who proposed a Student Affiliate program at the TMTA Waco Convention in 1950 and served as the first Student Affiliate chair from 1952 to 1962. Currently their association has 30 members and is very active in all TMTA activities. The 2018 TMTA Convention was held in Waco, along with the MTNA/TMTA performance contests and the TMTA Leadership Conference in October. They are very fortunate to have Baylor University and McLennan Community College faculty members and collegiate members as part of their association and the use of their wonderful facilities free of charge for meetings, masterclasses, theory tests, performance contests, and ensemble rehearsals. In addition to participating in all the TMTA Student Affiliate programs, they also have a fall festival, a sacred music festival, a spring festival, and a Young Artist contest. Waco MTA gives scholarships to students for summer music camps and also to those who plan to major in music in college. They are delighted to have four high school pianists competing in the Region 2 SA Performance Contest, three Young Artist vocalists competing at State, and three full ensembles participating in the 2019 convention in Houston.

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Janet Soller, IMTF Chair

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