TMTA November 15 Newsletter

Posted by Abby Hehenberger on 11/20/2018

President's Message

Dear TMTA Members,
October 27 and 28 was a particularly exciting weekend with the TMTA Teacher Enrichment Conference and the MTNA State Performance Competitions all occurring at the same time in Waco. Special thanks to Lydia Bratcher, TMTA Trustee Chair, who organized the inspiring conference with Jane Magrath. Cindy Hessong, MTNA/TMTA Performance Competition Chair, also deserves a big thank you for all the time she spent organizing the well-run competition on Saturday and Sunday. You can find the state winners in this newsletter!

Musically, Teresa Crawford, NCTM


Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Report

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast in August of 2017, TMTA members immediately stepped up to help others in need. Through the generosity of the TMTA Trustees, $8,700.00 was initially deposited into the Disaster Relief Fund. An additional $16,000.00 was raised through private contributions from Texas teachers and also from teachers and associations outside of our state. In all, $24,700.00 was distributed through grants to 11 TMTA members who suffered damage in the storm. We are proud to be an organization that supports its members with generosity and urgency in challenging times. The Officers would like to thank the Trustees and all who contributed to make this possible!

TMTA SA Highlights: Original Composition Contest

The TMTA SA Original Composition Contest provides a wonderful opportunity for students to compose an original piece of music and receive a critique sheet that provides encouraging and constructive insight into their work. The judges are looking for formal organization of material, variety, unity, logical use of rhythmic, harmonic and melodic ideas, creativity and originality and idiomatic writing for instruments or voice. First, second, third place and Honorable Mention may be awarded as merited. Winning compositions are performed at the state convention. Very rewarding!

How to Build a Thriving Local Association

Try to actively recruit new members from your community. Consider designating a chair specifically to reach out to teachers in the area and invite them to visit one of your programs. A personal connection may be just the push they need to try it out and see all the great things your association has to offer!

Association Highlight

Cross Timbers Music Teachers Association (CTMTA) has been serving the Cross Timbers area since 1983, when it was founded to be part of TMTA. CTMTA serves Stephenville, Granbury, DeLeon, and Hico, Texas. They are part of a largely rural community. Longevity is one of their strengths, observing longstanding traditions of music education and piano pedagogy in Texas. They are a small, but committed association, reflecting older, experienced teachers working alongside younger, enthusiastic colleagues. Another strength is their voice; because they are small, each member is heard. Their lively meetings, at least three each year, include potlucks - always a favorite, or dinner at an area restaurant. Usually one of the members offers a short program before the official meeting begins. One contribution they hold dear is the Sue Medlen Piano Scholarship, which is awarded each spring to a piano major at Tarleton State University. It is named for one of Stephenville's wonderful piano teachers, who was devoted to the best in music education during her lifetime. Two regular activities are the Solo Festival and the Honors Recital.  Each of these activities is held in the spring.


Winners of the MTNA/TMTA State Performance Competition
October 27 and 28, 2018
Junior Piano
Winner: Bryant Li (John Weems)
Alternate: Catherine Wang (Yi-Fan Liu)
Honorable Mention: Antonio Ajero (Linda and Andrew Parr)
Junior Strings
Winner: Danielle Yoon (Ko Iwasaki)
Alternate: Anais Feller (Jina Lee-Aleman)
Honorable Mention: Madeline Chun (Ron Houston) and Samantha Washecka (Laurie Scott)
Junior Woodwinds
Winner: Ayne Park (Monica Song) 
Alternate: Eunah Kim (Jake Fridkis)  
Senior Piano
Winner:  Claire Chiang (Cathy Lysinger)
Alternate:   Steven Dong (John Weems) 
Honorable Mention: Shiv Yajnik (Marcy McDonald) and Ben Hoang (Saida Kafrova)
Senior Piano Duet
Winner:  Ben Hoang/Beatrice Hoang (Saida Kafarova)
Alternate:  William Nebeker/Emma Nebeker (Kenneth Thompson)
Senior Strings
Winner: Hayoung Moon (Gary Hardie) 
Alternate: Matthew Ho (Jan Sloman)
Honorable Mention: Jacqueline Liu (Ron Houston), Clara Kim (Ron Houston), and Bryan Han (Ko Iwasaki) 
Senior Voice
Winner: Molly Snodgrass (Michelle Hache)  
Alternate: Katie Purdin (George Variames) 
Honorable Mention: Kyra Jacob (George Variames)  
Senior Woodwinds
Winner: Subin Cho (Monica Song) 
Alternate: Joanna Kim (Jennifer Keeney)
Honorable Mention: Hannah Kim (Jake Fridkis) and Ryan Montemayor (David Dees) 
Young Artist Brass
Winner: Sean Riggen (Kevin Wass, Texas Tech) 
Alternate: Andrew Fowler (Kevin Wass, Texas Tech) 
Honorable Mention: Marshall Rogers (Kevin Wass, Texas Tech)
Young Artist Chamber
Winner: Aruna Quartet (David Dees, Texas Tech) 
Alternate: Duloc Quartet (Stephen Page, UT Austin) 
Young Artist Piano
Winner:  Isaac Foreman (Tamas Ungar, TCU)
Alternate:  Noah Chojnacki (Nancy Weems, University of Houston)
Honorable Mention: Benjamin Pawlak (John Owings, TCU), Kerfoot Walker (Tamas Ungar, TCU), Meilin Ai (Alton Chan, UNT), and Huiyoung Chun (Andrew Brownell, UT Austin)   
Young Artist Strings
Winner: Brennan Lowrey (Annie Boyle, Texas Tech) 
Alternate: Jillian Johnson (Brian Lewis, UT Austin) 
Young Artist Woodwinds 
Winner: Landon Chang (Eric Nestler, UNT) 
Alternate: Chandler Davis (Michael Jacobson, Baylor) 
Honorable Mention: Hui Lam Mak (Mary Karen Clardy, UNT), Michael Davis (Eric Nestler, UNT), Claire Howard (Lisa Garner Santa, Texas Tech), and Cameron Clement (Michael Jacobson, Baylor)  

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