MTNA Collegiate Chapters

An MTNA collegiate chapter is the future music teacher's connection with the larger community of committed music professionals -- a community committed to inspiring and developing the utmost professionalism in all its members. MTNA collegiate chapters provide a way to fill gaps -- to provide the information and experience necessary to complete an education as both a knowledgeable, inspiring music teacher and a successful entrepreneur.

Many of today’s music students look to their future with an uncertain eye.  College and university music training, while providing important pedagogical and performance experience, often does not address other important issues, such as how to set up a music studio, which technological innovations to use and what legal issues could affect the independent music teacher.  Where can hopeful future music teachers gain the knowledge to aid them in operating a successful studio and business?

Collegiate students can gain this important knowledge through membership in an MTNA collegiate chapter.  MTNA collegiate chapters provide educational, musical, social and professional experiences that augment the student’s formal course of study, acquaint students with professional opportunities and career options in the field of music, and develop professional leadership skills.  Collegiate chapters also provide an important opportunity for MTNA college faculty members to increase their participation in MTNA activities by becoming a collegiate chapter advisor.

MTNA collegiate chapters may be formed by an affiliated state association.  Each collegiate chapter must have a sponsor or advisor who is an active member of the state and national associations.  Students must be enrolled in a college or university to become a member of a collegiate chapter.

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