Collegiate Testimonials


Serenity Fung
Bachelor of Music degree piano performance
Wheaton College Conservatory of Music
Master of Music in piano performance and pedagogy
Baylor University
Class of 2018

One of my favorite things about being a collegiate member of TMTA and MTNA has been attending conferences.  I had the honor of co-presenting with my Baylor colleagues at the MTNA National Conference in March 2017, where I also had the opportunity to meet and learn from many experienced teachers from across the country.  At the TMTA convention in June 2017, I gained invaluable experience in adjudicating as a collegiate judge in the All-Star Festival.  Being a member of MTNA has given me a sense of solidarity in a profession that often seems very solitary, offering me opportunities and connections that I would otherwise miss.  I would highly encourage any college or graduate student who is serious about their teaching career to take advantage of all that MTNA and TMTA have to offer!



Shelby Nord
Southwestern Assemblies of God University
Bachelor of Arts in piano performance
Class of 2018

I want to be a collegiate member of TMTA/MTNA because I can learn more about the music teaching profession through viewing journals and attending events. I can connect with collegiate members from others schools and states, as well as with experienced teachers, professors, and leaders. Also, staying involved with TMTA/MTNA will advance my future music teaching professionalism, allowing for my national certification.


Cassie DeBolt
Stephen F. Austin State University
Bachelor of Music Education
Class of 2017

As a TMTA Collegiate member I have enjoyed the benefits of numerous opportunities that have improved my teaching capabilities, work ethic, and even my resume. Some of these opportunities include volunteering as a monitor at local and national competitions, networking with other colleagues, presenting at the MTNA National Conference, and applying for scholarships. Above all, TMTA has provided me with a support system through all my teaching endeavors. Being able to participate in the TMTA Convention and MTNA National Conference has given me the professional development to shape my teaching philosophy and has effectively made me a better teacher for my students.


Kelsie Arrington
Stephen F. Austin State University
Collegiate Chapter President

Over my collegiate career, from a two-year community college to a master’s program, I have had a variety of life experiences that has shaped into the teacher and music educator I know am. Throughout all of my years in my collegiate musical education I have been involved with TMTA and MTNA. But why join as a collegiate student? First off, when you want to become better at performing, you practice. How do you get better at teaching? By practicing. As a collegiate member of TMTA you get a discounted price. Also, TMTA is the perfect opportunity to get to know and network with your peers – other collegiate students. They are experiencing many of the things you are experiencing. They are in the same classes, teaching the same students, and participating in the same competitions. But not only are your collegiate peers involved in TMTA, but you get to call seasoned professional teachers your peers as well. They are always willing and waiting to impart the knowledge they have acquired over the years to you and I. TMTA provides a chance to grow as a student, a colleague, a teacher, a competitor, an educator, and a musician. If you want to have a successful studio or teaching experience in your future, TMTA and MTNA can provide the tools and foundation necessary to accomplish your goals.