Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

TMTA Booth Price and Payment Policy

  • All booths will be assigned on a first-contracted, first-paid basis. Payment must be made in its entirety before booth space will be assigned. 
  • For exhibitors purchasing an Incentive Package and three or more additional booths, the exhibitor may pay for the Incentive Package and half of the additional booths upon submission of the contract and pay the remainder by January 15 to retain their place in line for booth assignments.
  • TMTA will retain a non-refundable deposit (one-half the booth price) for cancellations requested in writing on or before April 1. No refunds will be granted after this date.
  • TMTA reserves the right to refuse exhibitor permission to move-in and set-up an exhibit if the exhibitor is in arrears of any payment.
  • TMTA may terminate the contract effective upon written notice if the exhibitor breaches any of its obligations under the contract.
  • TMTA is under no obligation to provide resale credit or refund due to default by exhibitor.  Payment should be submitted via the online booth contract or by mail to the TMTA Office.

TMTA Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

Each exhibitor agrees to the following:

  • TMTA reserves the right to refuse to provide exhibit space to any group not compatible with the general character and objectives of the TMTA Convention.
  • Unethical conduct or infraction of rules on the part of an exhibitor or his/her representatives will subject the exhibitor or his/her representatives to dismissal from the exhibit hall. If this occurs, it is agreed that no refund shall be made by TMTA and, further, that no demand for redress will be made by the exhibitor or his/her representative.
  • Exhibitor must obtain own license for copyrighted work (such as music or literature) used in the exhibit space and will indemnify and defend TMTA against any claims or suits alleging copyright infringement for the use of copyrighted work by the exhibitor.
  • Exhibit space not claimed by one hour prior to show opening shall be considered abandoned and may be resold or reassigned with no obligation of refund whatsoever.
  • TMTA reserves the right to restrict or discontinue exhibits which, because of undue noise, method of operation, material or any other reason, become objectionable. In the event of such restriction or eviction, TMTA is not liable for any refunds or rentals or other exhibitor expenses.
  • Exhibitor shall hold TMTA harmless for any and all damage caused by theft and those perils normally covered by a fire and extended coverage policy.
  • Exhibitors must remain within their own space while distributing literature, product samples, or other materials. No literature, product samples or other materials may be distributed outside the exhibit area, with the exception of a paid exhibitor Showcase. In this case, all material shall be contained to the Showcase room during the specified Showcase time only.
  • Exhibits must be confined to space purchased.
  • Signs must not block the view of any other exhibitor booths.
  • Nothing shall be pasted, tacked, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors, or other parts of the building or furniture. No confetti, glitter or rice is permitted in the exhibit area.
  • Guard Service: Although perimeter guard service is provided after hours in the exhibit area, neither TMTA nor the facility assumes responsibility for damage to, loss, or theft of property of the exhibitors, or the exhibitors’ agents, employees, or invitees.
  • Exhibitor may not dismantle their display until TMTA officially closes the Convention.  If an exhibitor dismantles early, they will be fined $100, and said exhibitor understands that TMTA may not allow them to exhibit the following year.  Should extraordinary events occur requiring early departure from the Convention, the exhibitor must notify TMTA onsite and make arrangement for such an occurrence.
  • TMTA reserves the right to adjust booth assignments and/or change the floor plan without prior notice if TMTA determines it is in the best interest of the show.
  • There will be no subletting of booth space. If a booth is used by two or more companies each must have executed the Exhibitor and Advertising Contract.
  • While TMTA will make every effort to submit correct information in promotional materials, TMTA will not be liable for any errors or omissions in the Convention Program Book, attendee lists, web sites or in any promotional materials.
  • Booth decorations, as well as any merchandise or materials attached to table skirts, must be non- combustible or flameproof. Electrical wiring must conform with all federal, state, and municipal government regulations and with National Electrical Code Safety Rules. If inspection indicates that an exhibitor has neglected to comply with these regulations, or otherwise incurs fire hazards, the right is reserved to cancel all or such part of the exhibits deemed irregular. Lit candles are prohibited in the exhibit hall.
  • All exhibitors must adhere to and be bound by all applicable fire, utility and building codes and regulations, any rules and regulations of the Facility where the TMTA Convention is held, the terms of all leases and agreements between TMTA and the Facility, and all exhibit space specifications and requirements as stated in the “Booth Descriptions."
  • No children under 13 years of age allowed on show floor during move in and/or move out.
  • This Exhibitor and Advertising Contract becomes binding and effective only when: 1) an authorized agent of the exhibiting company has submitted the Application, 2) booth deposit monies have been paid, and 3) TMTA expressly accepts the Application via formal confirmation.
  • The person signing this application has consent and authority to execute and legally bind the exhibitor to all of the Rules & Regulations.
  • TMTA will not distribute marketing packets or flyers for vendors at the TMTA Convention.
  • The TMTA logo is the property of the Texas Music Teachers Association and may not be used or reproduced without the written consent of the association.

These Rules and Regulations are a part of the contract between the exhibitor and TMTA.

TMTA respectfully asks the full cooperation of the exhibitors in their observance.