Your contribution to Texas Music Teachers Association or the Texas Music Teachers Educational Foundation assists music education in Texas. TMTA and TMEF programs such as scholarships, awards, and grants are made possible by the generosity of individuals and local associations. Contributions help enrich students, gifted composers, outstanding teachers and performers. By investing in TMTA and TMTEF, you support TMTA’s mission.

2020 Texas Music Teachers Educational Foundation

and Texas Music Teachers Association Donors


  • Jo Ann Dunn Fargason Memorial Fund helps fund MTNA/TMTA State Winners’ performances at the annual TMTA Convention.
  • Elizabeth Morris Memorial Fund helps to provide Ensemble Senior Awards.
  • Donald Johnson Fund provides monetary awards for selected MTNA/TMTA winners.
  • TMTEF General Trust Fund supports various awards for Student Affiliate.
  • Ruth Pitts Student Travel Fund makes funds available to student winners who will travel to a higher level of competition.

TMTA Funds

  • TMTA General Fund provides teacher awards.
  • A Discretionary Fund supports special projects, teacher enrichment conferences, and disaster relief.

Austin District MTA****** TMTA General

Ruth Pitts, NCTM***** TMTEF General

Plano MTA+***** TMTEF General

Roy Wylie, NCTM***** TMTEF General

Conroe MTA+**** TMTEF General

El Paso MTA+**** Fargason and TMTEF General

Fort Worth MTA**** Fargason

Lubbock MTA+**** TMTEF General

Mid-Cities MTA+**** Fargason

Richardson MTA+**** Fargason

Abilene MTA+*** TMTEF General

Bay Area MTA+*** Fargason

Lydia Bratcher, NCTM*** Morris and TMTA General

Carol Crisp, NCTM*** Pitts

Garland MTA+*** TMTEF General

Dorothy Kirkpatrick, NCTM*** Morris, TMTA General, and TMTEF General

Stathia Orwig*** TMTA General and TMTEF General

Fredrica Phillips*** TMTEF General

Waco MTA+*** Pitts

Julie Arras** Morris and TMTA General

Cypress Creek MTA** TMTEF General

Jan Foreman, NCTM** Fargason, Johnson, Morris, Pitts, TMTA General, and TMTEF General

Larisa Fulcher** TMTEF General

Susan Hong, NCTM** TMTA General

Lynn Leach** TMTA General

Diane Morrow, NCTM** TMTEF General

Noreen Carson* TMTEF General

Theresa Davis* TMTEF General

Diana Lopez, NCTM* Morris

San Angelo MTA+* Morris

Virginia Walraven* Morris

Karen White* TMTEF General

Candace McCall Morris

Julia O'Dell TMTEF General


Donations were made in honor of:

Teresa Crawford, NCTM


Donations were made in memory of:

Mildred Hearn



******    Platinum Patron $1000+

*****       Gold Patron $500-999

****         Silver Patron $200-499

***            Bronze Patron $100-199

**               Sustaining Patron $50-99

*                 Patron $25-49

                    Contributor $1-24

+                 Met Trustee Challenge