Your contribution to Texas Music Teachers Association or the Texas Music Teachers Educational Foundation assists music education in Texas. TMTA and TMEF programs such as scholarships, awards, and grants are made possible by the generosity of individuals and local associations. Contributions help enrich students, gifted composers, outstanding teachers and performers. By investing in TMTA and TMTEF, you support TMTA’s mission.

2020-2021 Texas Music Teachers Educational Foundation

and Texas Music Teachers Association Donors


  • TMTEF General Trust Fund supports various awards for Student Affiliate.
  • Jo Ann Dunn Fargason Memorial Fund helps fund MTNA/TMTA State Winners’ awards.
  • Donald Johnson Fund provides monetary awards for selected MTNA/TMTA winners.
  • June Leondar Memorial Fund provides monetary awards for June Leondar Chamber Music/Ensemble Music Contest winners.
  • Elizabeth Morris Memorial Fund helps provide Ensemble Senior Awards.
  • Ruth Pitts Student Travel Fund makes funds available to student winners who will travel to a higher level of competition.

TMTA Funds

  • TMTA General Fund provides teacher awards.
  • A Discretionary Fund supports special projects, teacher enrichment conferences, and disaster relief.
Austin District MTA+****** TMTA General, TMTEF General
Sharon Callahan***** TMTEF General
Martha Hilley, NCTM*****  TMTEF General
Houston MTA+***** Pitts
Mid Cities MTA+***** TMTA General, TMTEF General, Fargason Concert
Pearland MTA+***** TMTA General
Ruth Pitts, NCTM***** TMTEF General
Plano MTA+***** TMTEF General
Aledo Volunteer Fire Dept.**** TMTA General
Arlington MTA**** Fargason
Fort Worth MTA+**** Fargason
Fredrica Phillips**** TMTEF General
Ruth Pitts, NCTM**** TMTEF General
Richardson MTA+**** Fargason
Abilene MTA+*** TMTEF General
Bay Area MTA+*** Fargason
Lydia Bratcher, NCTM*** Teacher Enrichment Conferenc
Conroe MTA+*** TMTEF General
El Paso MTA+*** Fargason
Katy MTA*** Elizabeth Morris
Amy Robinson Katz*** TMTA General
Janelle Schlaudt, NCTM*** TMTEF General
Leslie Spotz*** Morris
TMTA Past Presidents*** TMTA General
Julie Arras TMTA General, TMTEF General
Marcy Derrick** TMTA General
Midland MTA+** TMTEF General
Beverly Ryan** Pitts, TMTA General
San Angelo MTA+** Fargason, TMTEF General
The Piano Curriculum Series by Elise Russell** Enrichment Conference, TMTEF General
Rick Valentine** TMTA General
Wichita Falls MTA+** TMTEF General
Brenham Area MTA+* Morris
Diana Dyer, NCTM TMTA General

Donations were made in memory of:
Marjorie Ann Brown
Thelma Cooper
Rodney Crawford's mother, Shirley
Roberta Gober
Emily Gross
Eugene Hadfield
Don Harris
Frances Key, NCTM
June Leondar, NCTM
Doris Lum-Meyer, NCTM
Louise McPeters


******   Platinum Patron $1000+
*****     Gold Patron $500-999
****       Silver Patron $200-499
***         Bronze Patron $100-199
**           Sustaining Patron $50-99
*             Patron $25-49
               Contributor $1-24
+             Met Trustee Challenge