Texas Distinguished Teacher Award

Texas Distinguished Teacher Award

Deadline: April 1

This award was established in 2014 as a way for a Local Association to bestow an honor on a teacher for dedication and enthusiasm in teaching music. Typical activities of a teacher nominated for this award might be: 

  • Giving many years to a particular program of the association
  • Developing an innovative and unique initiative in a private studio and/or the local association Supporting the local and state associations through volunteer service
  • Producing students who love to make music
  • Organizing and conducting a studio in a business-like manner
  • Teaching music with dedication and enthusiasm
  • Demonstrating high professionalism through continuing education and regular performances

To name a Texas Distinguished Teacher Award, a local association should apply by April 1, accompanied by a contribution to the TMTA Trust Fund of $500. The honorees will each be presented a plaque, engraved with the honoree’s name and the words "Texas Distinguished Teacher," at the annual TMTA Convention.

Texas Distinguished Teacher Award Form

Past Winners

2019 Texas Distinguished Teacher Award Recipient


Fredrica Phillips, Plano MTA