TMTA Teaching Fellow

TMTA Teaching Fellow

Deadline: April 1

This award was established in 2006 to honor any teacher who is or has been a member of TMTA. To name a TMTA Fellow, a minimum of $1,000 is needed. The funds collected for each TMTA Teaching Fellow will be deposited in the TMTA Investment Management Account and made available for small teacher grants. These grants shall be determined by the TMTA Trustees for purposes such as attendance at the TMTA Convention, seminars, and workshops.

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Past Winners

2021 TMTA Teaching Fellow

Margaret Miller, Austin MTA and East Texas MTA

Margaret Faye "Meg" Miller has been a vibrant member of ADMTA since moving to Austin, Texas in 2014. Before her move to Austin, Meg served as president of three different MTNA affiliates, and was the founding member of two of these associations. Meg is 91 years of age and is still teaching! She has been a music teacher for 72 years and many of her former students have become music teachers themselves.