TMTA SA Ensembles

 The state of Texas is home to the largest piano ensemble program in the United States. Each year at convention, over 6000 students have an opportunity to perform in one of nine concerts on a stage with 15 grand pianos. The TMTA Ensemble Program gives the beginner, intermediate, and advanced piano student the unique opportunity to play with other pianists in a piano ensemble. 

IMPORTANT:  All entries must be submitted to the state by your Local Ensemble Chair.  Procedures and deadlines for submitting to your local chair will vary by association. 

For more information or questions:

  • Students and parents: Contact your teacher.  If your teacher is unsure, contact your local association.
  • Teachers: Refer to the TMTA Handbook or contact your Local Ensemble Chair.
  • Local Ensemble Chairs: Contact the TMTA Office.


Ensemble Award Applications

The Ensemble Award application deadline is May 1.

  • Award checks will be mailed to each student in late June. 
  • Plaques will be consolidated and mailed in July to each teacher unless that teacher only has one student.
  • Seniors participating in Ensembleshould count 2021 events on their award entry forms.  Their participation will be verified before awards are mailed out.

Info for Local Ensemble Chairs

2021 Ensembles will be video recorded. 

  • Due to the varying sizes and needs of each ensemble, we are allowing a wide variety of methods to make these videos. 
    • Students may be recorded by themselves playing with a click track or a recording of the other part.
    • Students may be recorded with their teacher playing the other part.
    • Students may be recorded with another ensemble member playing the other part. 
    • Students may be recorded with a click track and combined professionally to make one video. 
    • Students may be all recorded live together in a traditional ensemble. 
    • OR any combination of the above.  TMTA does not want any student who wishes to participate to be excluded, so associations can submit as many videos as it takes to show your participating students “performing” their piece with the other part.
    • Videos should be uploaded to YouTube and made into an unlisted link.  (Instructions for uploading videos to YouTube can be found here:  Desktop: https://youtu.be/c9sYlLB857o  OR Mobile: https://youtu.be/dyxqqegWQUs)
  • Ensembles must use the repertoire approved in the fall.
  • Music must be memorized. 
  • No costumes are needed.
  • Cost: $5 – The cost has been reduced for 2021 only.
  • Ensemble chairs will use the TMTA Ensemble portal to enter students and videos by June 1.  There will be a spot on the form to include the link(s) to each performance.  Specific instructions will be sent to Ensemble chairs.