Publication and Creative Video Contests

TMTA SA Publication Contest

The purpose of the contest is to promote excellence in music research and publications.

Students pick one of two topics for their grade level (grades one through college) and write an essay designed to explore and analyze the topic in an original, engaging way. Each article is judged at the local level and then the selected articles are judged at the state level. Judges award “Winner” and “Outstanding” articles which are published in the TMTA SA Publication Contest Book. Winners receive certificates and cash awards.

Recent winners and articles

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2021-2022 Topics:

Grades 1 and 2: (75 - 300 words)
IA – Music and Emotions
IB – The Harpsichord
Grades 7 and 8: (500 – 750 words)
IVA – Is Music a Universal Language?
IVB – Alexander Scriabin
Grades 3 and 4: (250 - 550 words)
IIA – Music in our Natural World
IIB – Gamelan
Grades 9 and 10: (600 – 850 words)
VA – Music and Physical Health
VB – The Rise of Orchestral Music in the 19th Century
Grades 5 and 6: (400 - 650 words)
IIIA – Music and Sports
IIIB – Frederic Chopin and his influence
Grades 11 and 12: (700 – 950 words)
VIA – Music and Fashion
VIB – Italian vs. German Opera in the 19th Century
  Post-12th (750 – 1050 words)
VII – Music and Minimalism

TMTA SA Creative Video Contest

The purpose of the contest is to promote the art of music through the medium of video. Students in grades 4-12 are eligible to enter.  Video Contest Topic for 2021-2022 Benefits of Music Education

Recent winners and videos


IMPORTANT:  All entries must be submitted to the state by your Local Publication Chair.  Procedures and deadlines for submitting to your local chair will vary by association. 

For more information or questions:

  • Students and parents: Contact your teacher.  If your teacher is unsure, contact your local association.
  • Teachers: Refer to the TMTA Handbook or contact your Local Original Composition Chair.
  • Local Publication Chairs: Contact the TMTA Office.


Information for Local Publication and Creative Video Contest Chairs

Entry Processes for Local Chairs - Deadline: February 1

Student Affiliate Registration Summary Form - Deadline: February 1