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The purpose of the World of Music is to introduce students to music history through the study of composer’s music, their life, and composition styles. To participate in this activity, World of Music books are available to purchase for levels 1-12.  The books and testing information have been created so that students may enter at any time in their current grade level. Registered students are tested in the spring semester over the information in their World of Music and those who receive a 90% or higher will receive a gold medal.

IMPORTANT:  All testing is done by local associations.  Procedures and deadlines for registering with your local chair will vary by association, as do test dates and locations. 

For more information or questions:

  • Students and parents: Contact your teacher.  If your teacher is unsure, contact your local association.
  • Teachers: Refer to the TMTA Handbook or contact your Local Original Composition Chair.
  • Local World of Music Chairs: Contact the TMTA Office.

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