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Teacher Testimonials

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Alex McDonald, Member since 2011

My membership in TMTA puts me in a community of colleagues and friends. Being surrounded by such wonderful musicians and teachers inspires me to seek my very best in my own playing and teaching. The opportunities that TMTA provides for both students and teachers makes it a truly unique organization, and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Anton Nel, Member since 2005, Professor of Piano and Chamber Music, The University of Texas at Austin

The TMTA and I share the same common goals: the importance of excellent teaching and music making.  I’m so happy be part of an organization who provides something truly special: bringing together educators and students to share their love of music.


 Ruth Pitts, NCTM, Member since 1975

I have been a member of TMTA for over forty years. My students, my own sons, and my grandchildren have benefitted tremendously through participation in the many excellent musical experiences TMTA provides. The state conventions are always a time of motivation and inspiration, and the many friendships I have formed there have greatly enriched my life. It is indeed a joy to have a small part in the ongoing of this great organization which seeks to insure the continuation of the beauty of music in our world.