Why belong to TMTA?

Teacher Testimonials

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Mona Rejino, Member since 1983

In traveling across the country, I often share with teachers the many benefits that TMTA offers its members and their students. Texas musicians are especially fortunate to have such a well-run, dynamic music organization. For over 30 years my students have grown immensely from taking the state theory test, writing original compositions, and participating in ensembles, all opportunities which are sponsored by our fine organization. There is no doubt that my teaching skills have been greatly enhanced through my personal and professional involvement as a member of TMTA.

Alicia Shirley, Member since 1990

Some of my most memorable experiences and competitive challenges as a piano student occurred during my years as a student affiliate member in TMTA. As a piano teacher myself, I would not have dreamed of denying my students those same opportunities through TMTA. The professional support and growth opportunities I receive as well through my membership and involvement with TMTA makes it the most valuable association I could have in my career as a piano teacher.

                                                      Erica Vosburg, NCTM,Member since 1997      

Since piano-teaching is so often a solitary profession, belonging to TMTA allows us, as teachers, to interact with other professionals and to gain support and valuable teaching tools. The opportunities available to our students through TMTA enhance our teaching by providing goals and objectives outside the weekly lesson. And, the yearly convention is unmatched as a resource for teaching materials and ideas, as well as keeping up with new developments in pedagogy for students of all ages, levels and abilities.”

Dr. Ann Rivers Witherspoon, Member since 1994

Becoming active in TMTA has been one of my best professional decisions. TMTA has been enormously beneficial to my students, it has set higher standards of professionalism in my studio, and has surrounded me with fascinating colleagues who are now my good friends. These friends are TMTA to me. TMTA has inspired me to be more creative and has encouraged me to share my own ideas. Take a moment:  envision where you see yourself as a teacher at the peak of your career. TMTA can help you get there!