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Teacher Testimonials

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 Susan Hong, NCTM, Member since 2008

Both students and parents in my studio look forward to Winter Festival sponsored by our local TMTA (San Antonio Music Teachers Association) every year. The Winter Festival event is held at our local shopping mall where students have the opportunity to share their music with others. It truly brings out the holiday spirit of giving and being thankful for all the blessings we have. I'm so grateful for the opportunity our local TMTA gives us and their hard work.

Beth Horton, Member since 2011

I love being a member of TMTA! I am constantly challenged to do more and be more as a teacher. TMTA, as well as my own local chapter in Austin, provides the best professional development opportunities. Through monthly meetings and the annual convention, I have access to the knowledge of the best pedagogues and performers, the latest instructional material and technological advances, and new music for my students. Students can also be active and involved members in events like festivals, theory exam, world of music, and ensemble. My membership helps open doors for my students which enhance and round out their musical experiences. I've also found that the more involved I become with this fantastic organization, the more I learn and grow as a professional educator and musician.

 Laurel Ince, NCTM, Member since 1987

Through the years, TMTA has provided new and inspiring ideas to teach pupils to further their musical talent and perform to their best ability. TMTA has provided a network of professionals and acquaintances that have become life-long friends.