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Teacher Testimonials

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Amanda Lee-Hing, Member since 2000

TMTA had given me enormous professional support when I first moved to Dallas, Texas in 2006. I was able to start my private studio with valuable resources and effective networking opportunity provided by the local associations. I have been able to stay current with trends in the music industries and innovative teaching strategies from MTNA publications/conferences. As a faculty advisor for Southwestern Assemblies of God University Collegiate Chapter of MTNA, our students have been given the wonderful opportunity to attend, participate, network, and present at the TMTA state convention. 

Samuel S. Holland, Ph.D., NCTM, Member since 1989, Dean and Professor of Music, Southern Methodist University

I cherish MTNA and its leadership for its ongoing work, for being the go-to organization for ALL music teachers, and for fostering innovation while respecting tradition. MTNA’s history now spans part of three centuries and I hope it is still here in the 22nd century when one of our great-great grandchildren is looking for an excellent music teacher. Since I came back to Texas almost 25 years ago now, TMTA has been an ever-present source of professionalism, support, and inspiration for me. I’m very proud to be a member of this outstanding organization.

Julie Holleman, Member since 2004

Teaching piano can be a lonely experience; most jobs include ready access to colleagues and the accompanying exchange of opinions and ideas. TMTA makes me feel connected to my 'colleagues' around the state, as well as offering new experiences and opportunities for my students. The yearly convention always sends me home more excited about my studio than ever, brimming with plans for the following teaching year. I love the wide variety of events TMTA makes available for students; there is literally something for everyone! I look forward to my students participating in all that is offered during my years of teaching.