Why belong to TMTA?

Teacher Testimonials

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Mario Ajero, Ph.D., NCTM, Member since 2002

TMTA is one of the largest and most diverse state music teachers associations in the country. Just being able to interact with so many teachers from across the state and participate in a convention that rivals the size of the MTNA National Conference is such a valuable commodity in our profession. Networking with such a large talent pool has developed into friendships that have reaped benefits for both me and my students not just professionally but also personally.

 Sarah Alexander, NCTM, Member since 2007

TMTA has been an invaluable and abundant source of teaching resources, mentoring, professional development, and student activities. Since getting involved, I have been struck by the service and dedication of the leadership as they strive to assist teachers and students in excellence and enjoyment in the music making process at every level. My students enjoy growing through the challenges of the SA and non-SA events. I am so grateful for the state-wide organization as it facilitates meeting and exchanging ideas with teachers from around the state. TMTA has truly been an integral and vital part of my professional teaching career!

Amy Andrus, NCTM, Member since 1988

Why do I belong to TMTA? When asked this question, my first response is “why wouldn’t I belong to TMTA”! The decision to align myself with musicians across the great state of Texas is one of the wisest career decisions I have made. It has not only provided me with lasting friendships, but has also given me all the resources necessary for a successful studio and countless opportunities for professional growth and development. I can’t imagine teaching for over 25 years without the support (conventions, publications, student affiliate…to name a few) of this great organization.