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Teacher Testimonials

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Becky Landreth, NCTM, Member since 2003

After having been an independent teacher for several years, I joined MTNA, TMTA, and my local Conroe MTA. Associating with other independent music teachers has made a great difference for me as a teacher and my students! The teacher enrichment opportunities available at convention, as well as the local programs, have helped me to be a better teacher. The educational incentives and competitions have enriched my students’ musical education. I can say that I have gained more from TMTA and Conroe MTA than I have paid in dues!!

 Lynn Leach, Member since 2006

TMTA, above all, provides fellowship, networking and continuing education opportunities for teachers. My students and parents value the opportunities for growth through participation in Ensemble, All-Star Festival, Digital Keyboard Orchestra and the Student Page program. If you are interested in learning about the many ways TMTA serves our teachers and students, I encourage you to serve as a volunteer, whether in a leadership capacity or simply with a shift at convention.  You will be enriched by all the wonderful people you meet and realize that TMTA is more than a professional organization. TMTA is a family!

June Leondar, NCTM, Member since 1957

TMTA provides stimulus for me to continue learning and growing as a teacher. The thrill of performances in contests provides constant goals and encouragement. Working together with other teachers in TMTA provides the recognition of quality; along with motivation and enthusiasm, and the drive to attain it. The many experts provided by the yearly convention programs are supportive of my continuing education. TMTA has provided me with education in leadership. To win the respect and recognition of colleagues and the public by example is a fraternal relationship I value. MTNA/TMTA is the way to preserve our musical legacies and contribute to the cultural aesthetic of our society.