Why Belong to TMTA?

Teacher Testimonials

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Diana Dyer, NCTM, Member since 1977

Belonging to TMTA has opened doors I never knew were in the room. The study of a musical instrument and the teaching of a musical instrument could have been a “lonely sport” before joining my local association and TMTA. Now, I have found, with the activities and membership in TMTA, encouragement, training, inspiration, along with a measure of “push” to extend myself out of my comfort zone within my own private studio, in my community, and in serving this wonderful state organization. Many of my students, whether gifted or beautifully dedicated, have gained musical and individual maturity participating in the Student Affiliate offerings of TMTA. Lastly, getting to know other teachers, composers, and performers within the TMTA circle has been a unique, exciting, educating, and gratifying blessing.

Steffanie Wells Hall, Member since 2007

I have been a member of TMTA for almost 15 years; first as a student, now as a teacher. The hard work and dedication of each member of TMTA helps make our association one of the best in the nation and allows our students to thrive and flourish. The many different competitions, contests and other learning opportunities is extremely beneficial, both for my students and for myself.

 Martha Hilley, NCTM, Member since 1983

It would be hard to think of not being a member of TMTA. When I returned to Texas in 1982 I was embraced by the association as a family member who had been away for a few years. It made returning to my home state even better. There is something very special about our association and I believe those of us fortunate enough to be members recognize this quality.