Why Belong to TMTA?

Teacher Testimonials

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 Ronald Bennett, NCTM, Member since 1959

Since joining TMTA in 1959, I have found it to be a valuable source of obtaining the latest in pedagogical ideas as well as being able to discuss what is “tried and true” with colleagues who have become lifelong friends. These ideas, along with the Student Affiliate activities, have benefited my students. Through the Independent Music Teachers Forum, I have gained many business ideas that have helped make my studio successful. It has been a great 57 years!

Susan Conner, NCTM, Member since 1975

Membership in TMTA gives my occupation validity. I am a small part of the bigger picture of music instruction. Besides national certification, I can present myself as a member of an esteemed organization that is the standard of quality music teaching. 

 Jerry Cornish, Member since 2002

I don't know if my TMTA membership is more valuable for myself or for my students. My students benefit from the terrific programs of music theory, music history, writing and video contests, solo and group performance opportunities and much more. I benefit from encouragement through the sessions at the annual convention, articles in the association magazine, and mostly from the good people that I have gotten to know. A teacher’s work is a one-on-one task. It is sometimes stimulating and sometimes draining. TMTA is an anchor for my teaching effectiveness and for my student's progress.